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August 1

9:309:45Welcome and Introduction
Faculty 30 Minute Talks
9:4510:15Ilias DiakonikolasProvably learning neural networks
10:1510:45Qin LiNN-training and ODE-constrained optimization
11:0011:30Kevin JamiesonTowards Instance-Optimal Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning
11:3012:00Sebastien RochInverting random trees
1:452:15Ramya VinayakLearning from Diverse Data in Metric and Preference Learning
2:152:45Rina Foygel-Barber
3:003:30Ludwig SchmidtDataComp: In search of the next generation of multimodal datasets
4:006:00Poster Session

August 2

Faculty 30 Minute Talks
9:009:30Rebecca WillettMathematical foundations of machine learning
9:3010:00Abel RodriguezSparsity and model selection:a unified perspective
10:0010:15 Break
10:1510:45Lise GetoorFoundations for Neuro-Symbolic Systems
10:4511:15Dmitriy DrusvyatskiyAiming towards minimizers: fast convergence of SGD for overparameterized problems
11:1511:30 Break
11:30 1:30Lunch
Postdoc 15 Minute Talks
1:301:45 Ahmet AlacaogluImproving the complexity of primal-dual coordinate algorithms
1:452:00Jeongyeol Kwon RL in latent environments via moment-exploration
2:002:15 Break
2:152:30Lijun DingFlat minima generalize for low-rank matrix recovery
2:302:45Jake SoloffBagging provides assumption-free stability
3:003:15David ClancyReconstructing mutation rates on binary trees
3:153:30Jasper LeeBeyond Worst-Case Optimality in Mean Estimation
3:454:00Steve MussmannExploratory set cover for data subset selection
4:004:15Ruhui JinOptimal experimental design via gradient flow
4:305:30Steve, Becca, Lise, MaryamPanel Discussion
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