TRIPODS PI meeting

A gathering of leaders of the institutes funded under NSF’s TRIPODS program since 2017

Venue: Zoom and

Thu 6/10/21: 11:30-2 EST and 3-5:30 EST (5 hours)  •  Fri 6/11/21: 11:30-2 EST and 3-5:30 EST (5 hours)

  • One 15-minute “research highlight” talk from each of the current 15 HDR Phase 1s and two such talks from the 2 Phase 2s. (13 mins + 2 min questions each). [6 hours approx]
    Each talk focuses on one particular research topic. It’s NOT a survey talk or overview of TRIPODS research at your institute – that belongs in the poster session.
  • Panel session on “major challenges in fundamental data science” with 5 panelists – 2 from the Phase 2s and 3 from Phase 1. [1 hour]

  • Panel of experts from industry on “adoption of fundamental data science methodology in industry – trends and needs” [1 hour]

  • Poster session: one per institute, sketching the range of activities undertaken by that institution, in research / education / outreach. [1.25 hours]  
    Posters will be available for browsing in throughout the meeting.

Panel Nominations:

If you wish to be a panelist in the “major challenges” panel, please submit a 200-word abstract to the meeting co-chairs by 5/20/21. (If we receive more nominations than there are slots, a selection process involving all currently-funded TRIPODS institutes will be conducted.)

Panelists in the “industry” panel should be industry affiliates of a currently funded TRIPODS institute, or possibly members of an institute with a joint academic-industry appointment. Please mail your suggestions to the organizers, with a few words on what topics the nominee could cover.

Poster Submission:

Please submit your poster (one per institute) by

June 7, 2021.


(all times EDT)

Thursday 6/10/2021

Time (EDT) Topic Presenter
11:30-12:00 Introduction & NSF Presentation Margaret Martonosi (CISE), Dawn Tilbury (ENG), Sean Jones (MPS)
12:00-12:15 Talk: IFDS (I) Jelena Diakonikolas
12:15-12:30 Talk: FODSI (1) Stefanie Jegelka
12:30-12:45 Talk: IDEAL Ali Vakilian
12:45-1:00 Break
1:00-1:15 Talk: GDSC Aaron Wagner
1:15-1:30 Talk: Tufts Tripods Misha Kilmer
1:30-1:45 Talk: Rutgers – DATA-INSPIRE Konstantin Mischaikow
1:45-2:00 Talk: UMass Patrick Flaherty
2:00-3:00 Lunch
3:00-4:00 PANEL: Major Challenges in Fundamental Data Science
4:00-4:15 Break

List of Institutes:

Friday 6/11/2021

Time (EDT) Topic Presenter
11:30-11:45 Talk: JHU
11:45-12:00 Talk: FODSI (II) Nika Haghtalab
12:00-12:15 Talk: IFDS (II) Kevin Jamieson
12:15-12:30 Talk: PIFODS Hamed Hassani
12:30-12:45 Break
12:45-1:00 Talk: TETRAPODS UC-Davis Rishi Chaudhuri
1:00-1:15 Talk: UIC Anastasios Sidiropoulos
1:15-1:30 Talk: D4 Iowa State Pavan Aduri
1:30-1:45 Talk: UIUC Semih Cayci
1:45-2:00 Talk: Duke Sayan Mukherjee
2:00-3:00 Lunch
3:00-3:15 Talk: UT-Austin Sujay Sanghavi
3:15-3:30 Talk: FIDS Simon Foucart
3:30-3:45 Talk: FINPenn Alejandro Ribiero
3:45-4:45 PANEL: Industry Adoption of Fundamental Data Science